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GoFit Medicine ball

New GoFit Medicine ball
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The medicine ball is perfect for athletic training of all types. These balls are sturdy enough to bounce against the hardest surfaces and retain their shape. This basketball-style medicine ball is perfect for core training with a partner or by yourself with a rebounder or against a wall. Medicine Ball workouts are a throwback method of training that is being rediscovered by athletes and fitness experts everywhere. In this age of high tech equipment, the medicine ball is very simplistic, yet incredibly effective in training the whole body through a complete range of motion.

Medicine balls build core trunk strength and joint integrity. Core trunk strength is the key to most athletic moves (i.e. golf swing, throwing a baseball, martial arts, blocking and tackling in football). Medicine Ball training is also designed to strengthen the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees and allows you to more fully access your muscle strength. You also become more resistant to injuries.


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