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TP Performance Total Body Kit

TP Performance Total Body Kit
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The Total Body Performance Kit is Trigger Point Performance’s most comprehensive package, featuring our core massage tools and extensive education in the form of a detailed guidebook and two essential DVDs. By following the precise, yet simple, instructions provided, you’ll quickly master our revolutionary Myofascial Compression Techniques methodology for 12 key areas of the body — and create a platform for achieving and maintaining healthy movement.

Kit Overview

Massage Components:

  • TP FootBaller & Baller Block
  • TP QuadBaller
  • TP 2-Ball Sleeve
  • 2 Massage Balls


  • Total Body – 12 manipulations, 44 color pages
  • Dual DVD Set
    • Disc 1 – Introduction & How-To Session
    • Disc 2 – Tips for Success & Class Session


Expanded Description

The Total Body Performance Kit features the most complete combination of Trigger Point’s self-massage tools and in-depth education. This kit includes in-depth materials that will guide you through understanding and implementing Trigger Point’s approach to total body health and movement. Our two-disc DVD set and step-by-step guidebook are designed to help you achieve strong, elastic muscles safely and efficiently. Through understanding your body’s movement and the need for overall muscular health, you can quickly incorporate our highly effective deep tissue massage techniques into your regular routine. Discover the 12 areas of the body to focus on for healthy movement, as well as the exact massage approach needed to get the greatest rate of return in the least amount of time.



Total Body – 12 manipulations, 44 color pages

Total Body is an instructional guide containing visual references on how to perform the 12 deep tissue manipulations covered in the Total Body DVDs. The guide’s easy-to-follow instructions show you how to set up and execute the Trigger Point Myofascial Compression Techniques methodology correctly, so you get the most out of the self-massage process. Understanding and applying the distinct methods of treating – and preventing – reoccurring aches and pains is as simple as following along with each page.



Introduction & How-To Session DVD

The introduction, provided by Trigger Point founder Cassidy Phillips, provides a practical education on the key concepts of our therapeutic massage approach. The How-To Session consists of step-by-step instructions detailing all aspects of the Total Body program, to ensure you learn the most effective ways to use the self-massage tools in the Total Body Performance kit. By getting a firm understanding of the correct placement and pressure of the tools that distinguish our Myofascial Compression Techniques, you can gain consistent results.

Tips for Success & Class Session DVD

The Tips for Success section features best practices for safe and effective at-home massage with your Trigger Point tools. The Class Session is an easy-to-follow guide to incorporating the Total Body techniques into a regular routine.


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