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TP Performance Golf Kit

TP Performance Golf Kit
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The Performance Golf Kit targets the eight major muscle groups that have the most influence over the total body movement required for golf. This kit includes Trigger Point Performance self-massage tools and an instructional guidebook that systematically guides you through our revolutionary Myofascial Compression Techniques methodology. Give yourself an advantage on the green with enhanced mobility and greater body mechanics.

Kit Overview

Massage Components:

  • TP FootBaller & Baller Block
  • TP QuadBaller
  • TP 2-Ball Sleeve
  • 2 Massage Balls


  • Performance Therapy For Golf Guidebook – Eight manipulations, 24 color pages

Expanded Description

The Performance Golf Kit is the ultimate package for massaging and maintaining the eight areas of the body – soleus, gastrocnemius, quadriceps, psoas, piriformis, lats, pectorals, and thoracic spine – that have the greatest affect on a golfer’s swing. Whether you’re a golfer – or are simply experiencing aches and pains in these areas – this kit helps prepare your body to more effectively respond to the various demands you place on it.



Performance Therapy For Golf – 12 manipulations, 44 color pages

The Performance Therapy For Golf Guidebook contains a detailed but easy-to-follow breakdown of the biomechanical chain reaction that occurs when you swing a golf club. You’ll also learn how to use Trigger Point’s highly effective self-massage tools to manipulate eight critical areas of the body that influence your play. Illustrations and clear instructions make it easy to learn the deep tissue massage techniques and create a maintenance routine that enables a more efficient swing — and an improved game..



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