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TP Performance Knee Kit

TP Performance Knee Kit
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The knee pays the price for problems above it and below it. The Performance Knee Kit targets muscle areas that have the most influence over the knee. This kit contains Trigger Point Performance self-massage tools and an instructional DVD that systematically guides you through our revolutionary Myofascial Compression Techniques methodology for muscles that control the knee. Unravel the intricate puzzle of knee pain so you can produce, reduce or stabilize force, as needed.

Kit Overview

Massage Components:

  • TP FootBaller™ & Baller Block™
  • TP QuadBaller™
  • 1 Massage Ball


  • Performance Therapy for Knee Aches & Pains DVD

Expanded Description

Many common and recurring knee problems can be attributed to dysfunction within the muscle groups above and below the knee. The Performance Knee Kit’s highly effective deep tissue massage tools and educational DVD enable you to easily put into practice six manipulations that address common knee aches and pains. This kit includes instructional materials that will help raise your awareness to the importance of how ankle and hip health impact your knee’s performance.



Performance Therapy for Knee Aches & Pains DVD

The Performance Therapy for Knee Aches & Pains DVD starts with an explanation of the intricacies of knee pain by Trigger Point Performance founder, Cassidy Phillips. With this information in mind, you can easily follow and practice the step-by-step Myofascial Compression Techniques programming that targets the soleus, calf, anterior tibialis, peroneus, VMO, and quadriceps.Performance Therapy for Knee Aches & Pains DVD

The Performance Therapy for Knee Aches & Pains DVD


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